Saturday, 18 October 2008


are now in full swing, and I hope that you are thinking outside of the box, gathering your papers, inks, stamps, embellishments, ribbons, fibres, and of course your creative spirit.
I guess I should maybe tell you a little bit about why I started this blog challenge, and the reasons behind it. I am trained as a jeweller and all my life I have thought about artwork in 3D, wierd but true. When I started stamping, I was shown embossing, and thought , ooh love it, it is three dimensional! In those days, long long ago, stamping was only ever done on cards, or used to make wrapping paper, and when people asked what I did, that was how you explained it to them. Now I can show them pictures, 3D objects, in fact, almost anything! The only magazine that thought outside the box was Somerset Studio, and I used to drool over the pages, with my mouth watering! I still do! Cards didn't even come into the pages, well not often. Ordinary people are out there are creating gorgeous touchable feelable pieces, and this is what this blog challenge is all about. I want to help you create out of the norm, out of this world artwork, that is you, but using objects that are within your reach, that you don't have to rush to the shops to get. There will be no criteria, no direction, just an object, but I think you will have guessed that already, and all you have to do is get out your hidden talents and create!  Have I babbled on too long?
If yuu are not a follower just add yourself, and be in line for blog candy next week.
Happy Creating


Angie C said...

You are a tease Jennie, can't wait for the challenge.

Lesley Ratcliff said...

I like the idea and have a go

Calv said...

Really looking forward to this Jennie, will be nice to experiment with other types of artwork. I love the way all the different materials and techniques end up overlapping different crafts.

Hels said...

Am waiting ever so impatiently you know...I even got myself all kitted out for the challenge, yes, my fingers are even inkier than normal now!!! Hurry up!!! :O)) Hugs xxx

Hels said...

BTW, almost forgot to say, can I get back in my box now please? Am getting cold!!! LOL xx