Saturday, 29 November 2008

Performance Three....

This week the theatre is buzzing with the news that we have a special guest performer!
May I present Karen from Scrapz!
She is the first of our guest performers, and her theatrical skills are wonderful, and very creative. So pull up your seat, get comfortable, put that bag of sweeties down, stop rustling your programme, and get out your canvases for this weeks theatrical performance!
Here is Karen's wonderful interpretation of our third performance
Oops , what are you doing here Winnie? This is what Karen used to make this creative box canvas
Canvas Front
Canvas Front and Back
Canvas Back
Canvas inside
Canvas Clasp
This is what Karen used to make her creation:
For the box canvas I used acrylic paints, watercolours, rubber stamps, embossing powder, Tim Holtz Crackle paint, hinges and a few beads for the clasp. And of course the 2 cheap winnie the pooh canvases that came from a £1 shop so were only £1 each!
Thank you Karen for the wonderful Performance, and I know you will be back later this week with more....

So create anything you like with a canvas, small large , square, oblong, or even round if you have one! Paint it, embellish it, destroy it, just generally create a piece of loving art, and then show us your creation on your blog or photo site. Don't forget to link the theatre of dreams to your blog, and of course post a comment!
Happy Creating!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Are you ready...

For a surprise on Saturday? We have a special performance on Saturday for you....I am getting really excited, in fact I cannot contain my excitement, and want to spill the beans..hehe. ( never was any good at keeping surprises) In the meantime here is a selection of the wonderful performances by the audience this past 2 weeks
Rachel June
Dawn Craftytrog
Crafty Creations Calvin

There is no set time for creating your masterpiece, it is entirely up to you...just use the object we suggest , in any form or shape.
Happy Creating

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Fancy a feather?

This is a bit of feathery fun that I created for the frame challenge this week. I did have a lot of fun making it as it is totally off the wall, and I got to use those feathers in the bag that I have had for ever.....
The picture of the Indian Chief is off the net. I do hope he likes being put in the frame!! awful pun, I know *exits left into the wings*

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Second Performance of the year

Well, we managed to have a very successful performance of the "Kitchen Utensil", and I was chuffed to see such awesome audience participation.
The next two weeks, will hopefully bring out more of your theatrical talents. This week we bring you, with anticpated excitement....drum roll please!
The Frame!
Sitting Proud on centre stage is the mini frame, just begging for decoration, or alteredness ( is that a new word?) I got my prop from a charity shop in town, and he winked at me as I went past, saying use me in your theatre... I just had to have him, and proudly carried him home with me, and here he is on centre stage tonight!
Rolex Dreamtime
I used watch pieces, and an old bent watch face, more watch faces, and glued them all down with my faithful Glossy Accents, and then covered it in Crackle Accents. The picture is of an old rolex I have... mmm ...not! I can dream, can't I?
Now for audience particpation, all you have to do is create with a frame, any frame, small , large old, or new.
I know some of you took part in the understudy night, and he had a very difficult time choosing a winner, but please step up onto the stage
for your name Will o' the wisk! Please email me with your address. Now he had such a hard time choosing, that he decided to give away more blog candy too, so everyone who entered can email too!, and get a little goodie!! I am absolutely sure that the understudy will have to go on stage later in the week again...
I do hope you enjoy this weeks' performance, and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Understudy night!

Tonight the show used an understudy for the main part, and he chose his prop carefully from the array of Kitchen utensils, and decided to transform it with coloured pipe cleaners and aluminium foil!
For someone who is not really into playing the principal part, I was impressed with his creation.
For those of you who would like to win some blog candy donated by our understudy, all you have to do is name his creation!
The winner will be chosen on Saturday night when the next performance starts.

Happy Creating


Saturday, 8 November 2008

More Theatre Props....

For those of you who would like to join in this challenge... here is a piece I made in about an hour, using a small chopping board, some absolutely gorgeous Prima Flowers, distress inks and some new swirly stamps from The Artistic Stamper. I dug out old buttons, some very tattered flowers on a wired stem, and the most gorgeous brooch of a spider in a web.
Find those props lurking in the kitchen cupboard,( it can be anything you like) spread them out on a table, add glue,ink and your imagination! Leave a comment if you like this challenge blog, or if you have created and want us to see.....

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Opening NIght!

Welcome to my theatre of dreams! I am so excited, so I am peeking from behind the curtains, and I can see everyone fidgeting in their seats, rustling their programmes, and chatting away. Tonight is opening night, and the band has struck the first chord, and slowly the curtains are opening... Are you ready?
There in centre of stage is....
" Angel of the South"
Take a bow, and clap loudly please!
If you haven't already guessed this is a participation theatre and you are required to make something, anything, you like from ANY Kitchen utensil! Tonight the sieve, the saucepan, the wooden spoon or chopping block is centre stage!
Let your imagination run riot, use those long forgotten beads or papers, or stamps you bought long ago , and make something sensational from any kitchen utensil.
I had the most incredible fun making "Angel of the South", and used things that I had had for years. Her head is a mini sieve, in case you hadn't guessed, and I spent about 2 hours threading fibres from a long forgotten packet into them...then I broke my arm, so she has patiently sat waiting to be finished....She has copper embossed chipboard wings using a Tim Holtz stamp, a grungeboard star, a moulded face from a box of goodies off ebay, paper sat waiting to be used, and paper doll stamps from The Artistic Stamper.
We will have a new theatre production every 2 weeks on a Saturday night, where the curtain will open on a new performance, and where the props take centre stage...
All you have to do from your comfortable front row seat, is create, and then send me a link via a comment, so the audience can see your creation.
Spread the word about our theatre , add the link from the sidebar, and go and dig out a little used kitchen utensil, not forgetting to grab your mojo on the way out. Go and create!
See you at the next performance!