Saturday, 29 November 2008

Performance Three....

This week the theatre is buzzing with the news that we have a special guest performer!
May I present Karen from Scrapz!
She is the first of our guest performers, and her theatrical skills are wonderful, and very creative. So pull up your seat, get comfortable, put that bag of sweeties down, stop rustling your programme, and get out your canvases for this weeks theatrical performance!
Here is Karen's wonderful interpretation of our third performance
Oops , what are you doing here Winnie? This is what Karen used to make this creative box canvas
Canvas Front
Canvas Front and Back
Canvas Back
Canvas inside
Canvas Clasp
This is what Karen used to make her creation:
For the box canvas I used acrylic paints, watercolours, rubber stamps, embossing powder, Tim Holtz Crackle paint, hinges and a few beads for the clasp. And of course the 2 cheap winnie the pooh canvases that came from a £1 shop so were only £1 each!
Thank you Karen for the wonderful Performance, and I know you will be back later this week with more....

So create anything you like with a canvas, small large , square, oblong, or even round if you have one! Paint it, embellish it, destroy it, just generally create a piece of loving art, and then show us your creation on your blog or photo site. Don't forget to link the theatre of dreams to your blog, and of course post a comment!
Happy Creating!


Calv said...

Beautiful canvasses Karen, gorgeous colours and i love the clasps too. Looking forward to trying this one Jennie, and excellent subject to work with.

Minx said...
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Minx said...

OH WOW, well done Karen, thats truely a fab use of your canvas and beautiful too, clever thing you are, look forward to getting inky all now Jennie, not done a canvas for ages :O)

Minx said...

look see i'm getting my words all muddled now, should say __getting all inky__ not getting inky all! LOL. oops!

crafty creations said...

Gorgeous canvasses Karen - look forward to getting mine out

Anonymous said...

Stunning canvases Karen, would never have thought of putting 2 together like that! Hope to find time to join in this week Jennie! xx

Ellen said...

that looks great there's such a lot of depth in it .and I love the added hinges and tassle

maddy hill said...

oh wow ! karen's art is very inspiring ! didnt get the chance to do the frame , but gonna try and squeeze in sometime this week to have a go at this !

Claireabelle said...

Wow Karen, these are stunning! Must give this a try - after christmas LOL

Ellen said...

phew i did manage to take part in this one, I even started a big one as well today.
you can find the small one

I'm not happy about the top half but will have a think about it.

Minx said...

My canvas is complete...
Check it out here

June said...

Fabulous !!!

Would have joined in but dont have any canvas.
Hugs June x

Lisa said...

Wow what can I say I am completely in aw of Karens work, so beatuifull finshed and the detail is amazing.
Thanks for visitng my blog Jennie, its very much appreciated.