Thursday, 27 November 2008

Are you ready...

For a surprise on Saturday? We have a special performance on Saturday for you....I am getting really excited, in fact I cannot contain my excitement, and want to spill the beans..hehe. ( never was any good at keeping surprises) In the meantime here is a selection of the wonderful performances by the audience this past 2 weeks
Rachel June
Dawn Craftytrog
Crafty Creations Calvin

There is no set time for creating your masterpiece, it is entirely up to you...just use the object we suggest , in any form or shape.
Happy Creating


June said...

Awww thanks ... I cant wait :) I so enjoyed the frame one
Hugs June x

Minx said...

Everyones frames are fab, i finally managed to get mine done and you can See it here

Minx said...

Oh bugger the link is wrong again, i keep doing that.. try again...

See it here

June said...

Just me again, sorry to bother you but
could i ask you a favour please ? I am about to scrap my craft blog which you are following. I wonder if you would mind going to my other blog here
and clicking to follow that one as i dont want to lose touch ?
I want to just combine the two and keep my friends.
thanks so much for being a great blog friend
Hugs June xxx

lonesome aesthetic said...

Wow, all those are amazing. I finally got around to making my piece: