Saturday, 1 November 2008

Opening NIght!

Welcome to my theatre of dreams! I am so excited, so I am peeking from behind the curtains, and I can see everyone fidgeting in their seats, rustling their programmes, and chatting away. Tonight is opening night, and the band has struck the first chord, and slowly the curtains are opening... Are you ready?
There in centre of stage is....
" Angel of the South"
Take a bow, and clap loudly please!
If you haven't already guessed this is a participation theatre and you are required to make something, anything, you like from ANY Kitchen utensil! Tonight the sieve, the saucepan, the wooden spoon or chopping block is centre stage!
Let your imagination run riot, use those long forgotten beads or papers, or stamps you bought long ago , and make something sensational from any kitchen utensil.
I had the most incredible fun making "Angel of the South", and used things that I had had for years. Her head is a mini sieve, in case you hadn't guessed, and I spent about 2 hours threading fibres from a long forgotten packet into them...then I broke my arm, so she has patiently sat waiting to be finished....She has copper embossed chipboard wings using a Tim Holtz stamp, a grungeboard star, a moulded face from a box of goodies off ebay, paper sat waiting to be used, and paper doll stamps from The Artistic Stamper.
We will have a new theatre production every 2 weeks on a Saturday night, where the curtain will open on a new performance, and where the props take centre stage...
All you have to do from your comfortable front row seat, is create, and then send me a link via a comment, so the audience can see your creation.
Spread the word about our theatre , add the link from the sidebar, and go and dig out a little used kitchen utensil, not forgetting to grab your mojo on the way out. Go and create!
See you at the next performance!


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Wasn't expecting that!! A brilliant challenge Jennie, and I love your 'Angel'! Will go and rifle my kitchen drawers to see what I can find! :0)
Thanks for the brilliant workshop today, haven't had so much fun for ages! xx

lonesome aesthetic said...

Heehee, this is going to be fun.

*heads off for a rumage*

Ann said...

WOW!! Stunning Angel Jennie & fabulous challenge,......heads for kitchen whilst applauding loudly & calling Encore! Encore!!! xx

Sarah said...

That's amazing Jennie. I can't wait to look to see what is in the kitchen, got some sort of idea. Oh forgot to say my ink pads arrived today, thanks hun xx and my Mum says thanks for her Glossy Accents!

Gillian said...

Bravo jennie, what a wonderful new challenge blog and a magnificent opening show:)

Hels said...

Eeeee, I got all carried away and ended up altering three can see them at

Fab new challenge Jennie, loving it and cannot wait for the next one hun...hugs xx

Linda Elbourne said...

Bravo Jennie ... thou artwork with thou little sieve is stunning ... thou art indeed an artist X

*exits stage left in the direction of the kitchen*

I will be back!!!

mrsspook said...

What a fun challenge Jennie.
Have started my piece just waiting for the silicone glue to dry before I do the next stage,
so I'm having a coffee in the interval,
Your angel is fab

mrsspook said...

I have finished my piece and added a link to this blog.
It was lots of fun and messy too, now I am having a think as I have some chopsticks that are calling out to be altered lol
June x

Anonymous said...

My altered strawberry huller is on my blog, waiting to come on stage! :0) xx

Andrea said...

Jennie I just love what you have made, she is fantastic x

Calv said...

That looks amazing Jennie!

I've not been too well lately, and feeling less than crafty, but this challenge is too tempting to pass up. Thanks for the inspiration Jennie. :)

lonesome aesthetic said...

I finished my piece:

Minx said...

Better late than never, managed to find a minute to blog my piece which can be seen here

Jennie said...

Nicky, a gorgoeus piece made, very clever :)