Saturday, 15 November 2008

Second Performance of the year

Well, we managed to have a very successful performance of the "Kitchen Utensil", and I was chuffed to see such awesome audience participation.
The next two weeks, will hopefully bring out more of your theatrical talents. This week we bring you, with anticpated excitement....drum roll please!
The Frame!
Sitting Proud on centre stage is the mini frame, just begging for decoration, or alteredness ( is that a new word?) I got my prop from a charity shop in town, and he winked at me as I went past, saying use me in your theatre... I just had to have him, and proudly carried him home with me, and here he is on centre stage tonight!
Rolex Dreamtime
I used watch pieces, and an old bent watch face, more watch faces, and glued them all down with my faithful Glossy Accents, and then covered it in Crackle Accents. The picture is of an old rolex I have... mmm ...not! I can dream, can't I?
Now for audience particpation, all you have to do is create with a frame, any frame, small , large old, or new.
I know some of you took part in the understudy night, and he had a very difficult time choosing a winner, but please step up onto the stage
for your name Will o' the wisk! Please email me with your address. Now he had such a hard time choosing, that he decided to give away more blog candy too, so everyone who entered can email too!, and get a little goodie!! I am absolutely sure that the understudy will have to go on stage later in the week again...
I do hope you enjoy this weeks' performance, and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations.


crafty creations said...

Hi and many thanks for picking the name I chose.

Your frame is amazing look forward to doing mine this week

x Hilda

Ann said...

WOW!! Amazing frame Jennie, I love it!! And well done Hilda too xxx

Ann xx

Cazzy said...

Aghhhhhh, scream, rant, rave, stamp. I was looking at a couple of frames in the charity shop today thinking I could alter those, and then that I probably would leave them lying round for years and didn't! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Love yours though.

Dawne said...

i have just finished a £1 Frame i bought for part of my sisters xmas present, her son is 14 now and i found this photo of him and thought how delicious he looked and decided to frame it and alter the frame abit too.

Ellen said...

oh what a lot of goodies on that frame, yummy
it looks great with the crackle paint
I've got a frame lurking somewhere ready to be altered ( together with the choppingboard)

craftytrog said...

Congratulations Hilda, I thought your name was brilliant too! x
Another fab challenge Jennie, and your watch piece frame is wonderful! It just so happens that I have a plain frame lying around waiting to be altered, so I'll be back later!

Alison xx

Jennie said...

Hi, thank you for your kind thoughts on the frame, cannot wait to see what you make:) my emails seem to be bouncing, so have changed the email to see if that helps, Please if you have emailed your address, please resend. Thanks

Sue said...

Congratulations, Hilda. xx
Love the frame, Jennie. xx

Hels said...

Love it!! well done Hilda on your name too...Hels x

Viv's Visuals said...

Hi Jennie! Thanks for dropping by my blog and giving me a gentle nudge towards this challenge! I have linked to you from the post on my blog!

maddy hill said...

stunning ! so much to admire on it !
love how its all set out .

June said...

Absolutely amazing work and love love love this blog. I shall try and join in with some of the projects and now off to add your blinky to my arty retreat blog
Hugs June xxx

lonesome aesthetic said...

Oh I have a box of frames somewhere that never got used for my college projects... I wonder where they are....?

And I'm slightly confused about the emailing you part, everyone who entered the understudy challenege can email you their address?

*goes for a lie down*

Calv said...

This is great Jennie, like something straight out of Somerset Studio.

Very artful! :)

craftytrog said...

Great challenge Jennie, my Christmas frame is on my blog! xx

Calv said...

Hi Jennie...i totaly let the side down and made...something!

Don't ask me what it's called, i have a few names in mind but i think these blogs have word filters on them!

Thanks for the's on my blog. :)

crafty creations said...

I've now completed my frame

Thanks for looking

Rachel said...

Hi Jennie - finished mine this evening - it's on my blog Really had fun with this :-)

Mam said...

I have just found your challenges and am so glad I did. I'm hoping to take part in this one. What fun!

Mam said...

Oooops! When must they be in?

Jennie said...

Hi Nacny, there is no set date, but the next challenge is on Saturday 29th NOvember :0
Jennie x