Monday, 10 November 2008

Understudy night!

Tonight the show used an understudy for the main part, and he chose his prop carefully from the array of Kitchen utensils, and decided to transform it with coloured pipe cleaners and aluminium foil!
For someone who is not really into playing the principal part, I was impressed with his creation.
For those of you who would like to win some blog candy donated by our understudy, all you have to do is name his creation!
The winner will be chosen on Saturday night when the next performance starts.

Happy Creating



crafty creations said...

I think he should be called

Will o' the whisk


he's brilliant

Jennie said...

Actually he is a she, apparently lol!

Ann said...

Brilliant Jennie!! May take sometime for me to come up with a name - LOL!!
My altered item is on my blog now ^'^

Ann xx

Ellen said...

ha, ha what fun I'd call her "Whiskey Wonder"

lonesome aesthetic said...

whirly-gig {my new favourite word}

Jennie said...

mmm whiskey wonder might be the answer!

mrsspook said...

Betty Beater lol

Anonymous said...

Cheerleading Star (It looks like a cheerleader to me).
Aimee (mrsspooks daughter)

maddy hill said...

oh she is brill ... your hubby did a great job on her !
im afraid i cant think of creative name for her - but she looks like a matilda to me -- not sure if she can waltz mind , whisk yes but waltz hmmmm lol

love the names so far !

Hels said...

How about "The Incredibly Strange Yet Rather Delectable Wendy Whisk" as a name...I think it is short and snappy LOL

Rachel said...


I think she should be called Wee Wilomena wimsy - just because :-)

Jane [Alba-Jane] said...

whiskey galore ....its got something about it .not sure what though lol

Sam said...

What a great job he's made of her...I would call her Winnie the wonder whisk.

crafty creations said...

Seeing as he's a she I'd call her:-

Frisky whisky


Kaz Scrapz said...

I think she should be called 'Catnine' because 9 out of 10 cats prefer Whiskars!
Great creation by the way. xx Karen

Sue said...

She's stunning.
My name would be: Causin' A Stir!! (pathetic really innit!! ) lol.


Tracey said...

Know I'm a bit late but what about
"Wife Beater"
Sorry Jennie.