Saturday, 31 January 2009

Journey into....

my world, of beads and grungeboard ,ribbons, blue, and the most wonderful paper from K& Co! As you know this is the fortnight of the BOOK here in the Theatre. I have to say thank you to all of you who have taken part so far. Absolutely FABULOUS creations! I hope to see more too!
I took a book which I found in a charity shop for 50p, and I destroyed it. Okay, well I took it apart and made a journal whch I aim to fill in the next few weeks, or more to the point, if I was honest, probably in the next six months! I had a lovely time creating it, and got use some of the Ten Seconds Studio metal, grungeboard, inks, and most of all a pad of 12 x 12 paper I had been saving for a special occasion such as this! May I present to you the Blue Awning Book!
This is the book as I bought it, which was a thick child's board book

Then I cut it up and and made the pages and bound it together with the Bind-it-all.
As there are several pages I have made a slide show

Please do try to have a go and remember to comment and let me know where your creation is.
Next Saturday is a new Theatre Production, so in the meantime dig out that paperback or child's book you have stuffed in a cupboard, and destroy it, , and make it into something wonderful, and different.
Happy Creating


Lottie said...

Brilliant - I will try and have a go - not sure if I have enough papers - will think I will have to improvise!

Be back when I have finished it. We are due snow so will be stuck indoors LOL - so might as well have a got at this

Pinklilac said...

Hi Jennie this is beautiful and I love the pages you have done.What a good idea having a slide show it really show your talents.
Hugs Linda

Rachel said...

Love your book Jennie :-)

Ellen said...

did you cover the old pages or make new ones?? you know these are my colours.... hint hint it's scrummy

Minx said...

WOW Jennie, your piece is just super... finally managed to upload mine {slightly cheating i know but hay!! lol} see it here

Alberta and Ava said...

Wow! This book amazes me. Wouldn't it be lovely to give an altered book as a Valentine? I would love to try that for Mr. Al using a special poem and images from the antique Atlantic Burr Monthly magazines his precious father gave me. It would be so romantic. Now to run upstairs and look for a book! You have inspired me, Jennie!


Calvin mouse .. said...

urr well i must say Jennie thats a rather nice book you made there you know im no expert but as the only crafting mouse in the world, urmm well i fink i do have an eye for a nice creation ...

love calvin mouse .... xx

Sue said...

I love what you've done with a book, Jennie. Gorgeous! Just dug and old book out that I bought months've given me inspiration to get started :) x

Lottie said...

Jennie I have spent days on my book - but have only managed the front and back covers and two inner ones. I have failed miserably as I just don't have papers, gems, etc so have had to make mine from scratch.

I have however, decided to put it up on my blog just to ensure you get some plugs and that also you know that I truly did have a go.

I now have some grey hairs LOL

Here is the link

Please could you be gentler with me next week and pick a challenge that I can make with just ordinary 'stuff' LOL

Jennie said...

Thank you all for your comments and for taking part if you did. New challenge tonight!