Saturday, 14 March 2009

All Boxed up!

Tonight there is lots going on! Firstly I have the winner of the blog candy, and then there are the participants of the last challenge, and finally we have the next challenge! Lots of exclamation marks for a small blog challenge!!
For those of you who took part in the last challenge , a big thank you. Here are the wonderful pieces:

The Winner of the blog candy was picked out of the hat and will receive all of the stamps! So step up onto the stage

Please email me so I can send you the candy.

Finally tonight's performance is a challenge to those of you who have boxes lying around just waiting to be altered and decorated, and generally messed with. This is mine

Ok, where is my altering, well, no excuses, I have had 2 weeks, and the rehearsals were terrible, and life got in the way, so if I do mine this week, can I see yours too please? *lol*
As usual, it can be any sort of box, cardboard, wooden, metal, cereal, cat food box, any box you wish to alter!
I look forward to seeing your creations, and I promise to post mine later this week.
Happy Creating


lottie said...

Congratulations Fiona - and looking forward to see your box fully clothed Jenny - but do take a rest first, put your feet up, and be spoiled rotten

Fiona Whitehead said...

Oh Jennie - thanks so much - what a lovely surprise - I do so love being on the Stage! LOL! Can't wait to get my free rubber and have a play. What a great start to the week!

Minx said...

we both seem to have that annoying thing called life getting in the way lately lol, hope to join in this time as i have a ton of boxes that need "alter"ation :O) xx

Hels said...

Mine is now on me Blog I get a prisze for being first!! !LOL